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    Family Law

    Family Law cases can be very complicated as emotions run deep.  We are able to assit you in protecting your children and giving you a better understanding of the system.

    With that better undestanding you will be able to move forward with your life while helping your children.  We will be with you through all aspects of your case to make sure you get the best results possible.


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    Somestimes there comes a point in time when the parents are unable to cae for thier own children.  A relative or unrelated individual decides to offer those children a home.

    Through Guardianship that individual would have the legal ability to care for that child and make parental decisions for that child.

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    Family Law Appeals

    This office handles Appeals of Family Law issues. 

    Appeals are a highly technical area of law and requires an attorney that understands and is currnet with the rules for Appeals.

    A small percentage of cases that are taken up on appeal result in a change in the current law.  Those case are published and available for the legal community becasue a legal precident was usually made.  This office has been published in two case through the Court of Appeal.